Lucky Numbers Horoscope!

We are in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The main consideration when picking lucky numbers during the Scorpio date range (23 October to 21 November) is that once you decide on a number to bet on, stick with that number.

This means there’s no room in your locker to scrutinize or second guess your choice of numbers during this period. Having the Scorpio mindset going into a draw also means you show a level of confidence in that draw, with a firm belief that your numbers will be drawn sooner or later.

Hint: Stick to your numbers during the Scorpio period

Scorpios love Mondays & Sundays!

If you are a Scorpio, you may have recognized that Sunday and Monday tend to be your favourite days of the week. This makes playing lucky numbers on Sundays and Mondays a must!

Hint: Pick Mondays and Sundays to play lucky numbers during the Scorpio period

1, 4, 14, 41, are good bets!

1, 4 are the Scorpio’s numbers, so you might want to pick these and variations thereof ahead of the draw.

Hint: Go for numbers 1, 14, 14, 41  

Character traits of Scorpio

Patient | Calm | Intuitive | Spiritual

Hint: Take a bit of zen-time and meditate ahead of the draw!

Playing Bet Games? Black is Best!

Being an earth sign, Scorpio prefer the colour black.

Hint: Black is today’s lucky colour!

*This horoscope is used a recommendation guide only. Gbets will not be held responsible for any losses as a result of following this guide.