Free Betting Advice – Losing Runs, Profit and Bookmakers – The Basics


+ Losing Runs +

This issue is what finishes off a lot of peoples betting banks, and forces them to give up, and is commonly due to the original stake being set too high.

You need to remember that the lesser the SR (Strike Rate), the longer the likely losing runs.

A 50% SR can create you a losing run of 8, although improbable, it is still statistically achievable. 35% can give you a losing run of around 18, getting down to 20% and a losing run of 30 isn’t unknown. You ought to take this into account whilst setting your bank and stake. It’s at all times best to be over cautious when starting off; you can always adjust a few months down the line.

+ Bookmaker / Betting Exchanges +

Bookmakers have been about for decades, and with the betting exchanges available now the gambler has more choice than ever. Which one you utilize it up to yourself, but I use the betting exchanges about 98% of the time now.

One detail that folk fail to remember is that there is generally little difference between the two regarding short-priced runners, as you do pay 2% -5% commission on the exchanges, and you need to take this into account. Any horses over 5/1 should be put on the betting exchanges without question. An old Draw Bias system of mine threw up a 50/1 SP winner, 110/1 + on the exchanges, and a 40/1 SP, at around 80/1 on the exchanges, that’s 100% or more potential profit.

If you haven’t bet on the betting exchanges, then you are throwing away possible profit, as the above illustration would give you the profit to deal with an additional losing run of 50, or at 10 stakes, you’ve made 500 more than the man next to you who used the bookmaker.

One other feature people ignore is the Tote, which has its uses in some situations, especially short priced placed horses, as every now and then they are disregarded in the betting, and go off a better price. There are a few other quirks, but I’m not giving all the secrets away for free!

+ Long term Profits +

Your initial year might only see you betting banks in the developing stages. After which they ought to really take-off. Take a peak at the members system research on my forum to see the difference between the first year, and those following. In some cases you may perhaps only start with a ½1 stake, and produce ½100 that year, but if you’re doing 10 systems, that’s a possible ½1,000, and is likely ½1,000 more than you’ve ever finished a year in profit previously.

You will furthermore have to endure losses, at times wiping out your betting bank. This doesn’t mean the system has failed, although a few do (usually though you’ll find a system that fails to profit in a year gets back to winning ways the next year), but that your betting bank was too low, or stake too high. Re-adjust them, and start again, but do research first into what your max stake might be, potential losing runs, and adjust everything to manage the risk. I generally use a 3 strikes and the system is dumped rule. If it fails that many times, it is a dud.

Laying does have a tendency to throw up faster profits due to the higher quantity of daily qualifiers, but can suffer days that make you want to cry, but they do have the possibility to increase your betting bank by up to 100% a month. It is not unknown for laying banks to drop 80% though! In order to cover all angles, its best to run win and lay betting banks.